Friday, August 10, 2012

Cycling rudeness - Pittsburgh Post Gazette

I bike in and around Pittsburgh all the time and feel the need to share my thoughts regarding Pedal Pittsburgh. The event was very well organized. The city route was well planned and was a breeze. After 28 miles, 10 of which were in a steady rainfall, the route through beautiful Pittsburgh was exhilarating. Thank you to all the volunteers, workers and especially to the police who participated in the awesome event despite the ducky weather.

Now, to the point for which I am writing:

In the past weeks, there has been extraordinary press given to bicyclists and the dangers of being on the road. However, after riding in 2012 Pedal Pittsburgh, I have never been associated with a ruder group that lacked etiquette to fellow cyclists and drivers. I found it hard to believe that many bikers gave no regard to informing others that they were "on your left" or "passing on left." I witnessed bikers squeezing along the curb, passing on a biker's right. On many occasions, when cars were trying to get by, cyclists never attempted to "single up." Instead, they hogged the road or stayed in pairs. So many road bikes were cycling without mirrors and gave no warning to others.

As an avid skier, I "know the code." After all, it is about being healthy and staying safe. Bikers across Pittsburgh -- how about common courtesy so no one gets hurt?

Mt. Lebanon

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